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Bio Vital



Bio Vital

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Hydrotherapy consists of treatments in which water is used to alleviate pain, for example. Nowadays, hydrotherapy, which consists of many different treatments to improve the physical condition, is being expanded by the use of a constant direct current. The water is used to give a pleasant, even flow of the direct current.

This constant direct current has an effect on the human body and this procedure is called electrolysis. With Bio Vital footbath the advantageous combination of hydrotherapy and electrolysis is used.


In naturopathy, detoxifying and purifying are the most important bases for successful treatment therapies. The metabolism is stimulated, self-healing is triggered and the body is relieved of strain. At the same time, the immune system is strengthened, an excellent basis for general health.

In day-to-day life cleansing detoxifications are usually very difficult to perform as either the effort required is high, expensive equipment must be used or a therapist has to accompany you through the individual steps.

The Bio Vital Electrolysis detoxification treatment is the perfect solution! It offers the possibility to contribute to one’s personal wellbeing and increased productivity in a simple, low-risk way. The basic principle here is electrolysis, in which water containing salt is ionised through an electro-physical charge exchange.


Active zinc ions are released during electrolysis treatment. Zinc is a trace element essential to human life, is ingested with food and over skin and is involved in numerous metabolic processes. For example, it has an impact on the skin metabolism, on the immune system, on the effect of various hormones and the acidbase balance of the blood.

Due to the combination of the special mineral salt with the ultra-pure zinc electrodes, the pH value of the water is adapted optimally and the ionization ( Balance of negatively and positively charged ions in the body) can occur at an optimal rate during electrolysis. Conventional electrode materials (Steel, nickel, chrome, manganese) can lead to undesirable side effects such as contact allergies or skin irritations, and are deliberately avoided by us.

Measurements: Bio Vital 181 x 233 x 87mm | Foot tub 377x137x416mm
Weight: Bio Vital 1,6kg | Foot tub 0,9kg
Power source: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Rated power: max. 33 Watt





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